To ensure a more efficient turnaround time for your project, please make every attempt to achieve compliance with the Building Code of Australia and the Local Government Planning Scheme. For your records please use the following checklist when collating your documentation.


Property Details

Full Street Address (incl. Lot no.)

R-Code for lot (Residential Applications only) (Check your local governments Intramaps)

Local Government Area i.e. Joondalup, Waneroo, Stirling.

Contract Value of Proposed works (including GST)

Contact Details

Agent’s Details


Site Survey

Site Classification Report or Geotechnical Report

Final Working Drawings

Specifications and/or Addenda

Engineer’s Details

Termite Protection Details

Energy Efficiency Assessment Approval

Relevant Architectural Details

Other Approvals

Planning Approval (if applicable)

Health Department Approval – Septic Tanks (if applicable)


Pro Forma Statement on 'Work Affecting Other Land' Signed by Builder

Main Use of Building. I.e Patio, Granny Flat, Single Dwelling, Medical Centre

Note: It is essential that all relevant information is provided with your submission. Certificates can only be issued when all the necessary information has been obtained. Incomplete applications will only delay the approval process.